Photo Upload Instructions

You can add your own photos to galleries in articles at using Flickr! Flickr is a free photo sharing website that supports groups, tagging, licensing, and other advanced features. If you follow these steps, your photos will be automatically embedded. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Create an account at the photos sharing website Flickr. If you already have an account, log in.

2. Make sure you have not hidden your photos from searches in your preferences.  Uncheck the first two boxes.


3. Join the Exeter Crew photo pool via the “Join this pool” link at the top.


4. Upload your photos.


5. In the Flickr Organizr, drag your photos into a batch and click “Add Tags.” In the dialog box, add the appropriate tag as noted at the end of each post.  See below for a listing of all tags.



6. In the Organizr, click “Send to group,” and choose “Exeter Crew” in the dialog box. This will add these tagged photos to the group. They will now appear on this page once it’s refreshed!


Below is a list of the proper tags to use for each event:

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