Site Upgrade

As you have probably noticed, the site has recently undergone a few changes.

  • Upgraded the site’s WordPress backend. This has a bunch of new features and should make the site more secure.
  • Activated a new theme. This is a port of Andreas07, originally by Andreas Viklund, done by David Peralty. I’ve modified most of the code and CSS into the current design.
  • As with any migration, there’s a few links and styles that are broken–I’ll be fixing these as I come across them.
  • The CSS and HTML used are now fully W3C validated. In non-nerd speak, this tune-up to the code will decrease the chance of improper page rendering. However, to to ensure proper viewing, you must use a browser that is fully CSS 2.1 compliant, such as Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 2, Safari 4 or Internet Explorer 8.

Valid CSS! Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

I will be implementing a new photo gallery engine later this week. This will allow users to upload photos to Flickr and have them automatically appear in the photo galleries below posts. Check back soon to see it in action.

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