Henley Women’s Regatta seeds

Senior 4+ BracketThis weekend, Exeter girls will be competing at the Henley Women’s Regatta at Henley-on-Thames, England. Established in 1988 after growing frustration at the lack of women’s events at the Henley Royal Regatta, the Henley Women’s Regatta races the first 1500 meters of the same stretch of the River Thames as the Henley Royal Regatta. All races are “dual” races with only two crews competing at a time, but the bracket is single-elimination with no repechage races or petite finals.

Exeter’s four is entered in the Senior 4+ (coxed straight four) event where college and high-school crews compete for the Frank Harry Cup. Consisting of Andrea Nortey, Kate Morris, Anna Johnson, Catie Lucy, and Jess Flakne, the four’s first race is on Saturday at 14:06 UK time (9:06 EST) against the University of London Women’s Boat Club. The full bracket for this event is on the right (click to zoom).

Junior 8 BracketExeter’s eight is entered in the Junior 8 event where high-school crews compete for the Peabody Cup. Consisting of Hannah Woodruff, Allison Courtin, Rory Erickson-Kulas, Erin Metcalf, Lizzy McDermott, Katrina Regan, Rebecca Kisner, Nancy McKinstry and Catherine McDermott, the eight’s first race is on Saturday at 17:34 UK time (12:34 EST). Due to the fact that Exeter’s eight got a first-round by, their opponent is the winner of Race 204, in which Tabor Academy B and King’s School Worcester will race two hours earlier that afternoon. The full bracket for this event is on the right (click to zoom).

Good luck girls!

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