2014 NEIRA: G1, G2, B3 take gold

The first, second, and third eights of the boys and girls squads returned to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA on Saturday for the 2014 New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championship Regatta. NEIRAs, or Interschols, are the culmination of the spring racing season, with qualifying heats in the morning and final races in the afternoon on the 1500 meter Quinsigamond racecourse.

In the morning heats, all boats qualified for the grand final except for B1 amid cool temperatures and a breezy drizzle. In a competitive heat with Tabor, Simsbury and Salisbury, B1 could not break through, and finished in fourth place less than a second and a half behind a grand final qualifying time, leaving them to race in the petite final. In the afternoon, the rain ended and the skies cleared. On the boys side, the disappointed B1 crew finished third in the petite final behind Brookline and Hingham. B2 finished third behind Kent and Andover, edging out fourth-place BC High by less than a tenth of a second. B3 finished first over Andover a mere second, the first Exeter B3 gold since 2005. On the girls side, G1 held off a late push by Kent to win gold by a second and a half over Kent. G2 dominated the competition, rowing above 36 strokes per minute to an open-water win nearly 5 seconds ahead of second-place Kent. G3 led the field for most of the race, but could not hold off Kent in the final 500, and finished second.

B1 (Relentless) B2 (Swifty) B3 (Gilcreast)
C Nikhil Chuchra ’14 Rex Bone ’16 Sage Mason ’15
S Sam Helms ’14 Michael Eaton ’14 Eric Jordan ’15
7 JB Baker ’14 Marq Schieber ’16 Harry Tibbetts ’15
6 Lake Vitton ’14 Joe Platte ’15 Ryan Magnuson ’15
5 Benj Cohen ’15 Nick Madamidola ’16 Ardit Kukaj ’15
4 Conrad Diao ’15 David Shepley ’16 Georgia Forbes ’16
3 Julian Drury ’14 Jake DellaPasqua ’16 Mahesh Kumar ’16
2 Brooks Saltonstall ’15 Zach Hamdi ’15 William Steere ’15
B Bruno Jacob ’14 Peter Bitman ’15 Sean Geary ’16
Petite Final Grand Final Grand Final
Brookline 4:29.9 Kent 4:31.1 Exeter 4:32.8
Hingham 4:30.0 Andover 4:32.1 Andover 4:33.8
Exeter 4:30.1 Exeter 4:36.3 St. John’s 4:39.2
Salisbury 4:32.7 BC High 4:36.4 Kent 4:40.3
St. John’s 4:33.8 St. John’s 4:45.0 BC High 4:44.8
St. Paul’s 4:34.9 Hanover 4:49.7 Brunswick 4:46.3
G1 (King) G2 (Anja) G3 (Stanley)
C Jessica Michaels ’14 Ashley Baxter ’16 Christina Rossitto ’15
S Zoe Sudduth ’15 Casey Osborne ’15 Zoe Meyer ’15
7 Amelia Stucke ’16 Millie Dethy ’14 Olivia Owlett ’14
6 Jensen Elliott ’14 Lily Sexton ’16 Kiernan Spencer ’16
5 Jeanne Olivier ’15 Jelena Pesa ’14 Julia Leatham ’16
4 Allie Garceau ’14 Elizabeth Fortescue ’14 Olivia Reed ’16
3 Jenny DiPietro ’14 Hailey Hudson ’16 Maddie Logan ’15
2 Genevieve Medina ’14 Abby Scheetz ’15 Maddie Toole ’16
B Kerrick Edwards ’14 Ify Ikpeazu ’14 Henrietta Reily ’17
Grand Final Grand Final Grand Final
Exeter 4:59.8 Exeter 5:11.6 Kent 5:13.6
Kent 5:01.2 Kent 5:16.3 Exeter 5:16.1
St. Paul’s 5:01.7 St. Paul’s 5:19.4 Andover 5:19.7
Hingham 5:02.7 Hingham 5:20.1 Glaston’y 5:30.6
Andover 5:05.1 Andover 5:22.3 St. Paul’s 5:32.7
Tabor 5:10.2 Hanover 5:29.8 Hanover 5:33.3

Please enjoy the photos below taken from the race. If you have photos you want to share, sign up for a free Flickr account and add the photos to the Exeter Crew photo pool according to the instructions. The tag for this race is “2014neira“.

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