Exeter Battles Andover, Tabor in Close Racing

Eleven Exeter boats traveled to Andover today to race Phillips Academy and Tabor on the Merrimack River.  The results of the tri-meet were split, with five races won by Exeter and six by Andover.  The finishes were also very close throughout the day–six races had margins of less than three seconds between first and second place.  In all, the boys squad won three of six races, while the girls squad won two of five.  Full results:

B1 B2 B3
Exeter 05:04.4 Andover 05:05.3 Exeter 05:17.9
Tabor 05:06.5 Exeter 05:17.9 Tabor 05:20.5
Andover 05:10.5 Tabor 05:21.7 Andover 05:27.2
B4 B5 B6
Andover 05:06.2 Exeter 05:37.6 Andover 05:56.2
Exeter 05:06.5 Andover 05:39.5 Exeter 06:15.8
Tabor 05:41.5 Tabor 06:00.0
G1 G2 G3
Andover 05:30.4 Exeter 05:46.1 Andover 05:39.8
Exeter 05:32.1 Andover 05:56.3 Exeter 05:40.9
Tabor 05:44.8 Tabor 06:10.7 Tabor 06:01.8
G4 G5
Andover 06:06.4 Exeter 6:10
Exeter 06:18.3 Andover 7:03

More information, including recaps from the captains, will be added tomorrow.

Race Photos

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