Exeter nearly sweeps SPS, Concord

Eight Exeter boats travelled to Turkey Pond in Concord, New Hampshire to race St. Paul’s and Concord.  The girls squad made a clean sweep of the competition, with wide margins in all four races.  The boys squad took three of four races, with the B1 finishing barely a length behind St. Paul’s.   Full results:

G1 G2 G3 G4
Exeter 05:53.9 Exeter 05:47.4 Exeter 06:29.1 Exeter 06:29.6
St. Paul’s 06:12.1 St. Paul’s 06:12.2 St. Paul’s 06:52.7 St. Paul’s 06:45.1
Concord 06:28.2 Concord 06:51.6 Concord 07:27.0 Concord 07:03.2
B1 B2 B3 B4
St. Paul’s 04:49.4 Exeter 05:03.8 Exeter 05:35.6 Exeter 05:51.3
Exeter 04:51.7 St. Paul’s 05:07.1 St. Paul’s 05:40.2 St. Paul’s 05:55.1
Concord 05:23.1 Concord 05:35.1 Concord 05:50.4 Concord 06:16.1

Although skies were sunny with temperatures in the 70s, crews struggled against a strong northerly headwind that slowed finishing times throughout the day.

The top three boats from the boys and girls squads now look towards the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championship Regatta next Saturday, May 22, at Lake Quinsigamond.  Boats will race the 1500 meter racecourse twice: once during preliminary heats in the morning and again in the afternoon finals.  The second and third eights must place in the top three of their six-boat heats to proceed to the grand final, while the first eights must place in the top two for the grand final.  The heats’ lane assignments are based on each boat’s seed, a ranking determined by the NEIRA seeding committee based on the boat’s performance in races during the regular season.  Seeds and race times will be posted later this week as they are made available by NEIRA.

Best of luck to all Exeter boats as they prepare for their final races of the season!

Race Photos

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