NEIRA 2010: Exeter takes gold, three bronze in final regatta

Six Exeter boats returned to Lake Quinsigamond today to race for medals in the 64 annual New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championship Regatta.  The girls squad took gold in the G2 race by open water and bronze in the G1 and G3 races.  The boys side took bronze in the B3 race, with the B1 and B2 boats getting eked out of medal contention.  Full results:

G1 G2 G3
Andover 5:26.329 Exeter 5:30.388 Kent 5:47.261
Kent 5:29.671 Andover 5:36.557 Andover 5:54.300
Exeter 5:35.563 Kent 5:38.979 Exeter 5:55.732
St. Paul’s 5:36.013 Hanover 5:45.840 St. Paul’s 5:58.234
Greenwich 5:40.548 Boston Ltn 5:55.662 Hanover 6:03.895
Hanover 5:52.042 Farmington 6:02.266 Tabor 6:26.331
B1 B2 B3
Kent 4:40.554 Andover 4:51.285 St John’s 4:59.750
Salisbury 4:45.619 Kent 4:58.043 Kent 5:04.746
Andover 4:45.621 St John’s 5:01.855 Exeter 5:05.287
Exeter 4:45.808 Exeter 5:02.997 Andover 5:11.720
St. Paul’s 4:55.714 Salisbury 5:10.317 Brunswick 5:13.040
Hanover 5:01.843 St. Paul’s 5:15.690 Salisbury 5:23.505

Weather conditions in Worcester were generally favorable, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s.  Crews rowed against a slight headwind throughout most of the day.

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