2012 Boathouse Graduation

As is tradition, a small ceremony is held at the Saltonstall Boathouse for Exeter Crew seniors before their main graduation exercises on the Academy Lawn. Coaches present Varsity letters, special awards, and other recognitions. Varsity letters were presented to the following, whose names will be added to the complete list:

2012 Boys Letter Winners

Dean Walsh ’13 Arthur Sun ’13
Andrew Rondeau ’13 Finn Meeks ’13
Avery Reavill ’12 Alex Ellison ’12
Brooks Reavill ’12 Max Drach ’13
Mark Serbent ’13 Conrad Homm ’13
Sam Helms ’14 James Harter ’12
Isaiah Brown ’12 Phillip Oung ’12
Nat Haslett ’12 Lake Vitton ’14
JB Baker ’14 Zachary Ray-Jorgensen ’14


2012 Girls Letter Winners

Jessica Michaels ’14 Karla Beltran ’13 Yeji Jung ’14
Catherine Denton ’13 Cassie Corey ’12 Catherine Potter ’12
Mimi Reichenbach ’12 Genevieve Medina ’14 Tiffany Tuedor ’13
Cory Johnson ’13 Claire Goydan ’12 Ainsley Fahey ’13
Charlotte Hasltte ’14 Emily Ball ’13 Jensen Elliott ’14
Catherine Closmore ’12 Milli Dethy ’14 Miriam McDonough ’12
Forrest Barker ’13 AinsleyFahey ’13 ZoĆ« Sudduth ’15
Jenny DiPietro ’14 Alexandra Garceau ’14 Anna Brown ’14
Kerrick Edwards ’14 Heather Seeley ’12 Antigone Valen ’13
Stephanie Adamakos ’12

This year, the boathouse ceremony also included the christening of the girls first boat shell formerly known as the “King.” It has been christened “Puellae Remis Contendunt MMXI” (Latin for “Girls Compete with Oars 2011”).

Please enjoy the photos below taken from the graduation ceremonies. If you have photos you want to share, sign up for a free Flickr account and add the photos to the Exeter Crew photo pool according to the instructions. The tag for this race is “2012graduation“.

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