Exeter takes five of eight against Kent, SPS

Eight Exeter crews raced against Kent and St. Paul’s yesterday evening on Turkey Pond in Concord, NH. Conditions were favorable with calm winds, clear skies, and temperatures in the mid 60s. Despite a delayed start to the racing—which didn’t end until 7pm—five of eight crews finished in first place, including B1, G1, and G2.

B1 B2 B3 B4
Exeter 4:20.3 Kent 4:34.6 SPS 4:51.8 Exeter 4:57.1
Kent 4:26.6 Exeter 4:36.8 Exeter 4:53.1 SPS 5:06.0
SPS 4:35.0 SPS 4:50.7 Kent 5:00.3 Kent 5:21.5
G1 G2 G3 G4
Exeter 5:03.9 Exeter 5:17.3 Kent 5:27.2 Exeter 5:32.9
SPS 5:06.4 Kent 5:22.4 Exeter 5:34.9 SPS 5:50.2
Kent 5:07.3 SPS 5:32.6 SPS 5:55.7 Kent 5:50.9


Boys co-captain Andrew Rondeau ’13 said that although the delay made some crews edgy, “the later time also meant the small headwind disappeared” by the B1 race. During the race, Kent “put up a real fight” until B1 found their pace and steadily built a lead. Rondeau says the boys will focus on “settling into a strong ratio earlier” and row with both strength and control.

Girls co-captain Karla Beltran ’13 said that “The delay definitely presented some obstacles…it gave us a lot more time to kill.” But the long warm-up meant that the girls were “both mentally and physically prepared once on the starting line…St. Paul’s and Kent are some of our toughest competition.” Although G1 won by 2.5 seconds, Beltran said they “realize that there’s room for important.” Looking ahead to Hanover next weekend, the girls plan to focus on “rowing efficiently at high ratings, focusing specifically on the sprint of the race.”

Please enjoy the photos below taken from the race. If you have photos you want to share, sign up for a free Flickr account and add the photos to the Exeter Crew photo pool according to the instructions. The tag for this race is “2013kent“.

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