Exeter battles Andover, Tabor at new Merrimack racecourse

Thirteen Exeter crews traveled to Methuen, MA to race against Andover, Tabor, and Belmont Hill. This is the inaugural year of Andover’s new boathouse, and the first time visiting crews raced on Andover’s new racecourse. Weather conditions were poor throughout the day: strong southerly winds gusted to nearly 30 miles per hour, while thunderstorm cells threatened racing. The girls squad persevered through the trying conditions, with G1 through G4 finishing decisively ahead of Andover and Tabor. The boys squad struggled, with B1 and B2 finishing very closely behind Tabor and Andover, respectively.

B1 B2 B3 B4
Tabor 4:43.6 Andover 4:55.9 Andover 4:55.2 Andover 5:01.8
Exeter 4:44.2 Exeter 4:59.5 Exeter 5:02.2 Belmont Hill 5:14.2
Andover 4:51.2 Tabor 5:10.8 Belmont Hill 5:14.2 Exeter 5:10.12
Tabor 5:18.5
G1 G2 G3 G4
Exeter 5:18.13 Exeter 5:28.08 Exeter 5:10.9 Exeter 5:49.8
Tabor 5:26.37 Andover 5:40.06 Andover 5:15.3 Andover 5:52.0
Andover 5:37.03 Tabor 5:47.45 Tabor 5:38.3 none
B5 B6 B7 G5
Andover 5:18.4 Andover 5:17.8 Andover 5:29.1 Exeter G5 5:50.64
Exeter 5:27.4 Tabor B4 5:23.3 Exeter 5:48.3 Andover 6:03.21
Exeter 5:29.3 Exeter G6 6:25.5
Tabor 6:43.39

Please enjoy the photos below taken from the race. If you have photos you want to share, sign up for a free Flickr account and add the photos to the Exeter Crew photo pool according to the instructions. The tag for this race is “2013andover“.

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